The Estero Marga Marga will be the Six Days’ headquarters.

Located in the heart of the city of Viña del Mar and next to the press center at Hotel O´Higgins. The Estero Marga- Marga is the perfect location for this year’s paddock. It offers large and wide spaces, with direct access to the hills, where the test runs will take place.

This area is located at the intersection of the main avenues of Viña del Mar, which gives incredible access to highway 68, which connects directly to the international airport of Santiago de Chile.

A majority of the hotels and restaurants are located right around the paddock.

Big cities, such as Valparaiso, Reñaca, and Concon are just 10 minutes away from Estero Marga Marga.

A lot of additional services and activities will be provided to entertain the audience like restaurants, Six Day´s merchandising, among others.

Paddock Opening Nov 6th 12am