07 Feb


Franco Mayr, an italian who has a great and close relationship with Chile, and the strong man of the Jolly Racing Team (JET), says he wants to live a Six Days in this South American country because … “in La Serena 2007 I couldn’t go and everyone told me only good things about the event. I missed it! Even Zanardo’s people assured me that 2007 edition has been the best of all the ISDEs they had gone to. So I must be there yes or yes in the second event organized by the Chileans in a coastal sector as beautiful as Viña del Mar.

Franco, who works alongside with great riders as Ruy Barbosa, will be on charge, once again, of the Chilean National Team logistics and service, as well other countries riders who require the always delicate and key assistance.

“There are many european riders who will go to Viña, due to the good things spoken about de previous chilean ISDE in La Serena and for the attraction to know a country like Chile when they hear about the problems that exist in Venezuela, Brazil or Argentina. I assure that they will surpass the number of registered riders that they have thought of. In addition, there are several who want to stay a week later for tourist reasons “.

Consulted by the Italian National Team, Mayr indicates that his presence is assured with his best riders, including the renewed Alex Salvini of his Team JET.

Any consultation of Latin American riders to prepare their motorcycles under the ISDE rules, can make it to