05 Mar


A very sad news arrives from Venezuela due to the death of the Ernesto Angulo, president of the Venezuela Motorcycles Federation, who was designated as FIM Steward for the ISDE of Viña del Mar 2018.

Ernesto was found dead in his office, without the causes of the fact still being clarified.

But the most important thing for us is that he was a friend of Chile, the Latin American enduro and also world, due to Angulo made a great contribution to enduro from all the positions he held.

“I was with him sharing in Switzerland. He was full of plans and especially happy for his appointment as FIM Steeward for the ISDE of Viña del Mar. In addition, he would come to Chile to offer an enduro seminar. We are so impacted by this tragic news and we hope to offer him the tribute it deserves during the ISDE, in which we will miss him very much,” said the President of the Organizing Committee José Tomás Díaz.